About Us


Hi, my name is Victoria Beeching, sometimes I shorten it to Beech as I'm not very keen on my name. I have a facebook page and a youtube channel (links below). A few facts about me; I'm unemployed, I have high functioning autism (I live alone and have no support from my family and I don't qualify for any government support). Therefore I spend much of my life online. 


The more people outside the truth movement that can be warned about the 2012 Olympics attack, the less likely it is they will be able to go ahead with it. I believe enough people can be reached in the time left. I have created this website as part of my effort to reach more people. If anyone wants to take any text from this website to use for the purpose of waking people up, please do. 


I have put my email address up, but it is sometimes unreliable. I don't always receive people's messages and they don't always receive mine - despite how often I change my password. So if you do message me and don't get a response please try messaging me in facebook or posting on my facebook wall.


 My personal facebook page 

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My youtube channel